Ask about our Uscan safes in Lake Charles, LA

Do you need a safe that you know you can depend on? Turn to Deloach Safe & Lock. We sell AMSEC and Uscan safes in Lake Charles, LA and the surrounding areas.

We carry nearly any type of safe you can think of. Whether you need a standard residential safe, a commercial safe, a money vault or a gun safe, we've got you covered.

Call 337-439-3955 right now to learn more about our Uscan safes and the other safes we carry.

Do you need help getting into your safe?

When you can't get into your safe, get ahold of Deloach Safe & Lock. We provide a range of safe services, including:

  • Safe combination changing
  • Safe opening when the combination is lost
  • Drilling open the safe and repairing
Don't stay locked out of your safe-set up safe combination changing services in the Lake Charles, LA area today.